Speculative wearable product for a dystopia

We are heading for a world that will be more than 3 degrees Celsius warmer by 2100! The crisis of climate change is unfolding at a faster rate than ever before. All of the requirements of human life on earth—the health of our habitats, food security, water supply, economic livelihood, and overall security—are at risk. As a result, it will not be far from expectation to anticipate catastrophic threats to our tolerance and survival. Based on medical research, extreme heat is a significant challenge for the human body. Heatwaves have a direct impact on human vital organs and can lead to death. “CJ-2050” is a speculative wearable product that can become a part of our daily jewelry in a “dystopia” that may not be too far away. This wearable product cools down the body temperature with cold water in the circulation system. A Peltier module structure placed on the back of this device cools down the water which is pumped and circulated through the delicate tubes placed along the torso and the head. By imagining the potential needs of humankind in the future, and by attempting to speculate ways to address those needs, we can turn things around before it is too late.

Watch the project’s video hereCJ-2050

 Tools for a Warming Planet Collection 

ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Art


Dutch Design Week

Publication | CJ-2050: Body Cooling Wearable Technology



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