We can speak the language of Art

We can speak the language of Art

Since early childhood, I was exposed to arts and the old cultural treasures of my home country. Poems, music, architecture, and the history of my home country has always been a part of my identity. In my opinion, there is a confrontation between eastern art as the representative of ancient history, and western art as the representation of modern art and the contemporary era or the forward-looking art lens.

Lately, there has been some friction between the political viewpoints of my home country, Iran, and the United States’- where I am living now. The ideological viewpoints of the governors of both countries have no result but tension and unpleasant or unwanted outcomes for people.  People in both countries may face images or hear news about the other country through the media every day, which actually may not be the reality of that culture or even close to reality. Gladly, regardless of such unreal images, art exists as a common language among all human beings.

Architecture is one of the best cognitive forms of art that can demonstrate and visualize a country’s identity, as it reflects who we are. The story of the shelter -as a primitive definition of architecture- is the story of learning how to live together. As such, architecture in some ways has an intersection with my purpose to show people’s commonalities. In my works, the utilization of architectural forms and promoting “living together” is in line with my objective of uniting the two countries’ cultural elements regardless of their current political conflicts.



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