“Jewelry Design is about memories, emotions, messages and so much more.”  Divya Angel 

When language falls short in articulating intricate emotions, concepts, and experiences, art and design come to the fore. They provide a visual or sensory representation of thoughts that may be difficult to express through language alone. Through this medium, individuals can express abstract or subjective experiences in a manner that is open to interpretation, thereby fostering a connection with the viewer or audience that transcends linguistic boundaries.

All of us are aware that problem-solving is a key objective of the design. Designers are responsible for identifying the requirements of their respective communities and developing solutions that not only resolve a particular issue but also enhance the standard of living for those it serves. However, the role of design extends beyond just solving problems. As designers, we are closely tied to the societies, surroundings, and cultural trends that shape our world. To be an exceptional designer, it is crucial to have a proactive outlook, incorporating the values and priorities of the communities into the design process and research. By doing so, we can create designs that not only solve problems but also have a significant impact on the people and environments they serve. In simpler terms, design should not just be visually appealing, but also meaningful and impactful.

Designers are activist who reacts to the current developments and events in one’s community. The response to an existing condition or circumstance might be a material replacement in a product, a social engagement activity, or a critical design to raise awareness toward an issue.  The society mainstream determines it, and it will be snagged by a proactive thinker.


Master of Fine Arts, Design / 2019 – 2021  University of California, Davis, United States
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Industrial Design / 2005 – 2010, Tehran, Iran


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