BioSparks: Jewelry as Electrochemical Sweat Biosensors with Modular, Repurposing, and Interchangeable Approaches

This paper presents BioSparks, a wearable device that detects glucose levels in sweat through electrochemical biosensors crafted with traditional jewelry techniques. Unlike conventional biosensors that are disposed of after use, BioSparks employs a repurposing method, allowing for the reuse of discarded electrodes within the jewelry’s chain, such as pendants or earrings. It incorporates interchangeable electrodes that facilitate their replacement after timelife. The modular design enables the wearable to be placed on various body parts, including the neck, wrist, and waist. The paper outlines our design considerations for Wearability Factors for Jewelry Biosensors, and the fabrication process combining traditional jewelry techniques and electrochemistry. Our technical evaluation shows the performance of our biosensor under ten different glucose concentrations.

Watch the project’s video here

Publication |BioSparks: Jewelry as Electrochemical Sweat Biosensors




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